Nashville Game Developers

We're a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of game development in Middle Tennessee. We host regular events and maintain a community where developers can share, learn and grow.

📢 We're meeting online due to COVID-19. More Info.


We host monthly meetups centered around various game development topics. We do talks, workshops, demo days and sometimes parties!

If you'd like to give a talk or have an idea for an event, let us know!


We get together several times a month to work on our projects, usually in a café or coffee shop. We call these Work & Plays.

These are useful for playtesting, getting feedback, working through problems, talking about gamedev and socializing!


We host game jams, where paticipants are challenged to make a game in a short period of time, usually over a weekend.

The biggest one we do every year is the Global Game Jam.

These events are a great way to get into game development or to try something new.


We talk about game development with each other in person, through our Discord, and in our Facebook Group.